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The Him Too movement (or #HimToo movement) is a movement against false rape allegations. #HimToo spread virally in October 2018 after a tweet from a mother about her son being afraid to date because of a climate of false rape allegations; the son quickly disavowed the tweet, saying it does not represent him or his opinions concerning sexual assault
1: Do you know about the hashtag #Metoo?
2: Yeah, but have you heard of #Himtoo?
1: No, I will look it up!
2: Yeah, do that. It's about false rape allegations towards men.
1: Oh, cool.
by Speeder21 March 08, 2019
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Mate 1: Hey, I'd be careful risking all that money on one bet. Only risk what you can afford to lose.
Mate 2: Thanks. VSA
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So people have a place to know, basically, what it is, since there doesn't seem to be a 'clear definition said anywhere else on the internet... It's just "a group of people who, on social media, defend men who feel they have been falsely accused of rape and/or sexual harassment, while they use this hashtag". And it's name was inspired by #MeToo. That's it. No bias. That's simply the definition. The fuck else you expect to find?
Random Person: What's #HimToo?

Other Random Person: That's the question.
by EZSulten October 10, 2018
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