We Too is a movement started that addresses the unspoken rape culture in the gay community. It addresses situations where being overserve, drugged or just not concenting, results in unwelcomed groping, kissing, and way too often unwelcomed sex. And unfortunately the gay service industry workers are the most frequent victims. It happens far too often and many times it is not spoken about until you meet qsomeone who has shared the same experience and the flood gates open and you start sharing stories. Please use this tag to share with others and let them know they are not alone. Because we hold this in so long and it leads us to self medicating habits, addictions, and seclusion that often does not end well. So please call them out, so we can all work through this, move forward and live a better tomorrow.
The We Too Movement is the equivalent to #metoo for gay men.
by gayphiladelphia January 05, 2020
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Phrase from Clemson Football Song Anthem "Hold Us Back" by two Clemson players; #14 Martin "Yoda" Jenkins and #21 Darius Robinson. Used by many Clemson fans when talking about Clemson football. Not to be used by any other fanbase, especially not Seminoles or Gamecocks.
by Clemson Fan October 20, 2013
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