Entering a fast food restaurant with no intention of buying food, you're just going to the bog. If challenged by a pimply staff member, your declaration to them that you'll buy their food afterwards is known as aMcShit with Lies.
I'm just off for a McShit.
by Apple martini2 December 30, 2008
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Using a fast food restaurant's facilities to relieve yourself when nature calls and not buying anything before you leave.
Wait her for a minute im goin for a Mc Shit.
by Ian Stanley March 13, 2006
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The result of eating fast food and having to take a large and/or painful crap.
Joe: Man, Todd is taking a McShit again, he needs to lay off the McDonald's.

Andrew: Ew that's gross.
by JoeyKid July 17, 2008
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The act of going into a restaurant (particularly a fast food restaurant) in order to use their toilet facilities, with no intention with buying anything.
Assistant: "Sorry, toilets are for paying customers only"

You: "Well, I want a McShit with lies"
by hippyman December 18, 2007
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The outcome of eating Mcdonalds the previous day and you feel a very strong bowel movement because of it. Usually occurs from eating any dairy, chicken, or beef products on the menu.
Guy #1: "Oh man I got a severe case of the Mcshits after eating a Mcchicken and Mcdouble from Mcdonalds last night"

Guy#2: "I advise you to use the Mcbathroom"
by baseballguy50 August 07, 2012
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When you go into a fast food restaurant just to use the toilets, not to buy the food.
"look after the kids wayde, im going for a McShit"
by JUICEBOXXX July 27, 2007
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