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An English Speaking Westerner(USA/UK/OZ) who goes to Japan to teach English. A common practice now for those who want to learn Japanese, and/or want to be English teachers. Either looked up to by their students, or(most commonly) despised for being Wapanese.
Our old English teacher knows Japanese, cos he was a McSensei
by Pom (from recklessyouth) May 31, 2005
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A conversational English teacher in Japan; stereotypically a young unskilled Western male working for a small English school on a short contract.
Jonathan was your typical Tokyo McSensei: classes for bored housewives by day, desperate skirt-chasing by night...
by The 2-Belo May 07, 2003
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The manager at a McDonalds Resturant. Often a McSensei will be the person who teaches the new employees what to do.
While ordering my food at McDonalds this morning the woman's McSensei was looking over her shoulder, most likely because she was a new employee, or she couldn't understand english.
by Jesse RaySU December 26, 2005
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