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A sword weilded by a Shinigami(or Death God), to defeat and judge Hollows. Also used in combat against many other things, such as 'Kwin-Shi'(or perhaps, Quincy)s, and other Shinigami. A Zanpakutou(or Soul Slayer) can awaken to it's true form once the Shinigami has ventured inside themselves to find their sword's, and perhaps their own soul's, true identity and name.
Zaraki Kenpachi's Zanpakutou is kinda lame...
by Pom (from recklessyouth) May 10, 2005
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alteacher, or alt-teacher, (or even alternative teacher) is a teacher who teaches using somewhat odd, original or indeed "alternative" methods, or even just holds views that could be defined as those things. They characteristically look for subtleties other teachers wouldn't think of. Often enjoy abstract work, making it easy to exploit them by doing rubbish work and claiming it has inner meaning.
"Did you do the art homework?" "Nah, I just drew a spiral and'll say it represents the world, me and my life in one simple gesture. Our teachers a total alteacher"
by Pom (from recklessyouth) September 28, 2005
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An English Speaking Westerner(USA/UK/OZ) who goes to Japan to teach English. A common practice now for those who want to learn Japanese, and/or want to be English teachers. Either looked up to by their students, or(most commonly) despised for being Wapanese.
Our old English teacher knows Japanese, cos he was a McSensei
by Pom (from recklessyouth) May 31, 2005
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