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Like the McGangbang, but more intense.

Substitute the usual McDouble for a Big Mac and insert a McChicken above or below the middle bun, but no removing it.

For it to be a true McRape, you must scarf it down and not allow yourself to savor the deliciousness of the confection. It's called a McRape for a reason; you don't get to enjoy yourself.
Man: Dude let's go do a McRape!
Pussy: I can't, I'm still scarred from my last one.
by McButtholefag November 09, 2011
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the use of a clownsuit in an innapropriate way....
"i went into the toilets in mcdonalds and got McRaped"
by ANON June 29, 2003
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McRape is when a small community says 'NO' to a multi-national fast food store in their town, only to have the corporate bully over-rule the wishes of the people and build a 'restaurant' there anyway. Meaning that the company doesn't know that 'no means no', therefore disrespecting democracy. It has happened and is happening worldwide.
The David & Goliath fight between the 2000 resident town of Tecoma against McDonalds who overruled the community and council's wishes to build a 'restaurant' in an inappropriate location. This is a McRape of a community.
by People power September 18, 2013
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taking a single shot and acting like your drunk.. Then taking home the drunkess female in the bar..

taking a shot of patron and acting like your drunk as hell then taking a female that is fall down drunk home with you..

by MP's hooah!! October 30, 2010
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