a wicked awesome school in Ontario, Canada home to over 20, 000 students and faculty members, also home to some hot broads with big tits and also at the same time a large percentage of engineering and science nerds.
"Hey, where's your engineering degree from?"
"ohh shit man, i bet you got mad pussy there AND a good degree"
by Sam I ammmm June 15, 2008
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McMaster university is Canada’s worst school. 90% unemployment rate in field of study. Most large corporations don’t hire these grads. So many unpaid student loans originate here.
You went to McMaster? Yes. I’m sorry to hear that.
by Internetperson77 July 30, 2018
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Look at him out there McMastering.

He sure did McMaster that interview.
by Hoe Hay March 23, 2020
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a superfly cool guy who always gets the chicks, drinks the most beer, owns the most guns, and will swamp any and all ontakers at guitar hero. known for having a rapists wit and their girth is that twice the size of chuck norris'.
dude 1: holy mohawks in alaska!, theres chuck norris!
dude 2: yeah, but check out that mcmaster.
dudes 1&2: Whoa!
dude 3: hey guys, big gulps huh? well, see ya later...
dudes 1&2: who the heck was that guy?...
by peezinthewind84 June 17, 2009
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If you're skin colour is brown, or yellow or you're looking for a middle eastern or Asian wife then this is the perfect university for you!
"Hey I don't know which university to go to, Mcmaster or Queen's"
"Don't go to Mcmaster cus you're not brown"
by Hellafyne23 November 14, 2017
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scottish origins. most likely to be ginger, has a tendancy to veet his testicles when necessary however rarely gets to ride any chicks.
remember that time mcmaster fucked that hot chick?
no, neither do i.
by ilikeithotandcreamy April 14, 2008
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1. (n.) The act of harming the reputation of one's own state, trivializing one's political office, and attempting to garner support while running for a higher office by using political power to oppose a law unpopular among one's own constituency which is meant to benefit the people greatly.

2. (v.) To take action that is politically motivated with regard to one's own voting bloc.

3. (n.) A politician who claims Southern values but is really just another soldier in the vast army of know-nothings. A Republican whose membership in the Forest LaKe Kuntry Klub, whose charter excludes black people from becoming members, will likely derail his campaign to become governor of South Carolina. The current Attorney General of our poor, victimized state who is taking advantage of the Republican voting bloc's collective idiocy to promote himself, by challenging a constitutional law (H.R. 3962) in court. This law, which Republicans pejoratively call "Obamacare" (see Hillarycare) will expand medical coverage to some 300,000 South Carolinians.

Henry McMaster buys Internet advertisements at a rate rivaling the Church of Scientology. You may have seen one by looking up his name here on Urban Dictionary.

Henry McMaster will never get my vote.
1. Henry McMaster pulled a Henry McMaster when he sued the federal government in opposition to the new health care bill.

2. Henry McMaster Henry McMastered the Republican voters in South Carolina by opposing the new health care bill in court.

3. Henry McMaster is, in my opinion, a politician of the worst kind.
by liberalular April 25, 2010
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