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An American hybrid type of white people common in many small towns throughout the United States, and particularly common in smaller towns in the Midwest and Appalachia; composed of a mixture of British Isles types (English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish) and Germanic types (German, Dutch, Swiss, Nordic, etc). Anglo-Saxon Celts.
Most of the people in my hometown back in southeastern Ohio are some variety of McKraut.
by Shit_4_Brains August 20, 2007
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A racial slur used to describe German/Irish Americans.

The two words are a combination of the racial slurs "Mc" /mick/ for someone of Irish heritage and "Kraut" /krout/ someone of German heritage.

Together, the two words create a slur that is used to invoke a sense of shame for not fully belonging to either community.
Daniel can't marry my Italian sister because he's a filthy McKraut!
by FlexOrNah July 24, 2018
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