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Common Irish last name, thought to be originally spelled "Mac Curdy." A relatively significant amount of McCurdys live in the USA. The bearer generally has a strong sense of family and heritage, and is proud of their Irish descent.
"How are you today, Miss McCurdy?"

"Do you know of any other McCurdys living in the area?"
by Marqui June 13, 2008
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To enter into something, pull out early, and leave a big mess.
As he wiped himself off, thinking "What a great job I've done!", those he bent over were left thinking, "He's pulled another McCurdy."
by LokiLoki December 01, 2006
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A disgusting liquid shit that is taken after massive protein ingestion, i.e. consuming too much protein supplement. The McCurdy is usually accompanied by an exessively foul oder that tends to linger with the shitter for several hours after the initial deuce droppage.
That man nearly died after entering the restroom at the local gym, having no idea that the previous occupant had just taken an extremely potent McCurdy. Josh then licked it up.
by wilmertt November 20, 2006
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