Usually a last name. Strong. Warriors that normally have legendary children and genetics. Fighters. Amazingly beautiful as well.
Don't fight Chelsea, she is a McCloud. I heard she ripped a girls throat out.
by Bigpoppathapantydroppa December 20, 2016
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Mccloud as great as he may be is a hero, not a god.
Mccloud is doing what hes going to do on earth.
by bushlight January 11, 2018
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one of the two rival gangs of the good ol' boys. they are the arch rivals.
rocus is the king and liat is the queen of the mcclouds. boy do i hate them
by Steveo November 05, 2003
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... This man is said to be legend of sorts in the deep South. Born January 4th, 1985. He was born human but slowly became more than a mortal. By age 17 he had invented the art of Cocksmithing. Cocksmith involves true skill of phallic nature. Only he knows how to become a true cocksmith. To this day many have tried, but have failed to become a cocksmith. Adam McCloud embodies what it means to have all women at his mercy.
Man, that guy has laid so many women, he is a modern-day Adam McCloud
by guuuuuuuuuhk May 30, 2012
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An extremely fast character in the game Super Smash Brothers Melee. Cheap to the max. The little thing he does where he like goes super fast sucks...anyway, Starfox for SNES was awesome, the one for N64 was sweet, but the one for Gamecube was kind of a bust.
Don't let Taylor pick Fox becuase hes a cheap prick. Oh and Dustins mom is hott!
by George Hoefer April 14, 2005
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when you fuck a chick upside down over a toilet while she pisses so it rains down in her face while she bounces up and down while you dunk her head in the toilet
Dianne asked James to give her The Duncan McCloud and got piss in her eye.
by PJuicePants June 30, 2011
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