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Someone who may or may not be a bitch. Not knowing someone well enough to definitely call them a bitch, but well enough to warn others what they might be in for.
Maybitches frequently consider other people to be maybitches also.
Person 1: I think i'm gonna go out with Person 3.
Person 2 : Person 3? I met her at a party once...seemed like a maybitch.

Person 3: Person 2 is such a maybitch..sometimes she's nice, but other times i want to bite her head off.
by Gardensoil January 13, 2011
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n. One who acts like a bitch exclusively in the month of May.
OMG, it's the first of the month and she's already screaming at me! What a maybitch!
by whitdick July 10, 2008
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