Julie:Hey Thomas give me a hickey!
Nathan:No why?
Julie:Because it’s national hickey day!
by Julieaaaan April 22, 2019
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National hickey day is on october 9th must give the hickey below the color bone. (Don’t be a pussy)
Bro Did you know it’s national hickey day? Yeah ima be with my girl later.
by angelofdark October 5, 2019
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National Hickey Day is celebrated the 3rd and 4th week of may. Right before memorial day. This is where you and your significant other exchange hickeys. As many hickeys you get is how many hickeys u significant other gets. Get freaky
Guy: Baby do you know what day it is?
Girl: Isn’t it National Hickey Day?
Guy: It sure is. You want to?
Girl: Gladly.
by imnotkarissaorjoeyha April 19, 2019
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Give your boyfriend or girl a hickey anywhere and if your single don’t be a pussy and ask to give a hickey to someone and its every Friday in April
by Don’t try me April 11, 2019
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June 29th is known as National Boob Hickey Day. Celebrate by giving a pair of boobs hickeys, this could be on a woman or anything with boobs in fact, No discrimination it’s 2020.
Hey want to celebrate National Boob Hickey Day by me giving your juicy melons some hickeys shawty
by Ataism June 26, 2020
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May 11 - when you give a hickey on your significant others chin
parker: “yo, today is national chin hickey day… get to goin!”
by bored.asf May 11, 2022
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