National kiss your bf/gf week

When you kiss your bf or gf multiple times a day everyday for a week randomly or each time you see them
“Hey Logan!”
“Yeah bby

“It’s national kiss week

From may 10-15
by Suck_me May 10, 2021
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me: * hey girl it’s may 10
friend: oh yea here is my hoodie
me: thx i’ll give it back tmrw

friend: alr cya
by machary May 8, 2022
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friend: * heyyy*
me: * silence*
friend: why aren’t u talking
* next day : me: heyyy
friend: * ohhh it was may 10😂*
by machary May 7, 2022
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People born this day have a big ass
You can grab it easily
Damn, she was born on May 10, her ass is huge. I should grab it.
by November 6, 2019
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The best day to be born on. If you are, you are loved and special and a massive chance that you'll work at Hooters or Femboy Hooters <3
Guy one: Ryan is born on May 10
Guy Two: He's gonna work at hooters then
by GayPerson1010 October 13, 2021
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