1. Taking ages to reply

2. Being a cunt

3. Falling for girls too easily
I'm going to do a maxwell to this girl I'm talking to
by Lexicongods September 27, 2016
Maxwell is the most amazing person you will ever meet. He is genuine, nice, caring, fucking hot, down to earth and will never let you down whilst always being there for you. Maxwell is down to do anything and everything. If you ever meet a maxwell never let him go otherwise you will regret it forever. You will never meet a guy quite like maxwell. He is amazing and if you don’t know one you absolutely need to get yourself one. Maxwell will love you with everything he has, he will be there for you no matter what and not judge whatever you do. Maxwell is unbelievable gorgeous. He is also amazing at everything he does!! Maxwell is a fucking legend who is a gun and loved by everyone. If you have a Maxwell you are the luckiest girl alive!!
person one: I have just met the most amazing guy holy shit.

person two: hmm is his name maxwell?
by motherfucking legend May 6, 2019
Maxwell is a phantasmagorical person who never knows how to disappoint. A Maxwell will always make his girl feel like she's one of a kind and the only girl in the world. No matter what he does, he's always considered cute, loving and adorable. Maxwell plays sports, watches NCIS, and loves funny movies. He is a great baseball catcher but an even better pleaser. He will act like he's cool and all but in reality he is a sweetheart. His girlfriend likes him tremendously and can't wait to see him everyday. A maxwell is prone to having a weakness for ass and for boobs. Basically, he is the best Maxwell on the earth.
Person 1: Who is that insanely attractive guy, who also happens to be watching NCIS?
Person 2: Oh that's Maxwell!
Person 1: Man I wish I was his girlfriend.
Person 2: Join the club.
by Little Nugget May 20, 2013
Maxwell is often known as Max. He is extremely althetic excelling in sports. Often is known for running. He knows how to impress the ladies, but he has that one special girl on his mind. He tall and extremely attractive. He falls for a girl very easily because of his big heart. Well liked by everyone.
Maxwell means amazing
by guccidefinitions June 28, 2017
Maxwell, he can have any emotion dont be suprised if hes sad, jelouse, or when he takes things to seriously because he will fond a way to get over it. Max can be annoying to most people but once you actually get to know him the part you thought was annoying ended up being funny. Max is a trouble maker he likes hanging with friends and going to stores, max will spend hours hanging out with people over the internet, on facetime or even in person, max is a loyal person when he likes a girl he likes her, max is usually into darker skin toned woman or woman with a sexy accent usually british or Australian. Max loves sports but he can have alot of frustration anger and gets mad for stupid reasons and hea very bad with sarcasm.
Maxwell is a sexy guy
by Rippinthechat November 27, 2018