Sexual act in which male rides female down a flight of stairs while holding onto her hair.
Guy 1: "Hey Jimmy, do you remember when you Matterhorned that girl last year?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, it was totes awesome. She was hard to steer. Wish she took the curves better."
by TWSS12345 May 22, 2010
A crap that sticks half out of the toilet water, the way the Matterhorn's tip appears when it's pierces through high cloud cover.
My Thanksgiving shit was sticking out of the toilet so far it looked like the Matterhorn on a cloudy day.
by Nagas Lrac December 15, 2010
1. A saying commonly used after one notices interest from the opposite sex. Must be said in either a whisper or strong masculine voice. Usually followed by a fist bump.

2. Derived from the Old Spice Deodorant.
"Dude that chick was totally checking you out."
"What can I say? Matterhorn."

"You smell good. What deodorant are you using?"

GIRL: "Want to exchange numbers?"
GUY: *turns to friend and whispers "Matterhorn."
by zgriffin22 April 15, 2010
A large crap that sticks half out of the toilet water. It's tip, reminiscent of the actual Matterhorn piercing through low hanging banner clouds.
Dude, the deuce I dropped on Thanksgiving looked so much like the Matterhorn that I could've swore I saw to Swiss climbers scaling a piece of corn on their way to the summit.
by Pants Face December 16, 2010
The Matterhorn, also known as Matterhorn Bobsleds, is a pair of intertwined roller coasters at Disneyland Park in in Anaheim, California. It is modeled after the Matterhorn, a mountain in the Swiss Alps. It is the first known tubular steel continuous-track roller coaster. Disney used forced perspective to make the mountain appear larger than it actually is. Opening on June 14, 1959, it was the first roller coaster built at any Disneyland Park. The ride has 2 sides, the left side (the Tomorrowland side), and the right side (the Fantasyland side). It is said that the Tomorrowland side is more intense and fast and the Fantasyland side is more smooth at tame. In 1978, to better theme the ride, Disney introduced the Yeti (or Abominable Snowman) to the ride where he appears first in the dark after the riders leave the lifthill, then a few seconds later he can be seen by both sides as the bobsleds enter the main track. Later on they encounter him one last time but can only be seen by the specific side they're on. In 2015, the Matterhorn was temporarily shut down and a new Yeti was introduced to the ride, this one moving a lot more than the previous and being more territorial and defensive and having a different roar than the last. The ride ends as the sleds splash down into a small pool similar to Splash Mountain, but the water is mainly used as a braking mechanism, and cools down the brake pads mounted underneath the cars.
In 1956, 2 years before construction for the Matterhorn began, Disney was in a pinch for he was having trouble attracting guests to the park so he thought he needed a thrilling ride in the park. At the time, Disney was shooting a movie called "Third Man on the Mountain" in Switzerland where the real Matterhorn is, and Disney sent a postcard with a picture of the mountain to his lead imagineer with only 2 words saying: "Build This".
by bmhorton April 5, 2022
The act of sitting between the legs of someone behind you. As if on the Disneyland ride of the same name.
The group of baseball players needed to matterhorn to fit everyone on the broken bench.
by Cory Madsen June 22, 2008
A dark turd that is so long it curls up above the water and back down like a long rams horn.
Dude your not going to believe the Dark Matterhorn I laid last night!

What? Niiice! You dog! Who was it some european chick you picked up?

No you dolt!! It was a huge horn like turd I laid in the poop pot!

What? No way?! Dude, next time take a picture!!
by minuccp June 29, 2011