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A 13 year old rapper who is probably one of the greatest rappers of this generation. He is known for his songs overwhelming and $$$. His most famous verse, “Yea I’m in kitchen and you know I’m whipping
Nathan: yo let’s play some Matt Ox
Adam: Of course, he is the greatest
by Bathing Grape July 20, 2018
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1) (noun) A male that has an excessive temper, an ego to match it and alienates all the people arround him as a result. Any desire to run for public office by this individual will end in defeat( making this a perfect gambling opportunity). Avoid a Mattox at all costs.

2) (noun) A sexual position involving three men and a goat. The number of men is variable but the presence of the goat is required.
"I don't have the bail money to be friends with another Mattox. The last bankrupt me and I don't even know what became of mah goat."
by WheredMyGoatGo? October 21, 2011
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A person who usually raps at parties and gets all your ladies, is known on rare occasions to drink 6 40 ouncers of yueng ling and still be on his grizzle.
Kid at party: whos that kid hookin up with 4 chicks while snortin coke lines off his bong?

Another kid at party: Idk probably a Mattox

Said Mattox: YOLO
by whoamhes2233 October 07, 2012
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An about 13 or 14 year old kid that made a hit song "Overwhelming" with tons of fidget spinners in the music video. People started to hate this kid but he had a huge following. He even has a song with XXXTENTACION in his new album "?", the song is called $$$.
by ItzGhost! May 17, 2018
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When you rub your scrotum on another mans nose, while whispering sexual references in his ear
Jefe got mad at Gaylord, and knocked him out cold. Then, he performed a Mattox on him.
by Legit_Shotz76 April 20, 2015
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A stupid ass rapper who thinks their black but is white from philly.
“Like oooooooooo

Shut your loud ass up Matt ox
by Beast bear June 04, 2018
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destroys pussy amazing in bad has a jumbo cock Honestly every girl wants to date hime
Man mattox has a huge dick and now we're dating big dick
by Destroyed taryn426537 January 28, 2017
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