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She is a girl who would always make you smile. She might seem shy at first when you just got around her, but as you get closer to her, she is really funny and nice. She cares about everyone and is also very cute. Her dressing style is really unique yet beautiful. She is a very great girlfriend to have. She is very loyal and would do the best she can just for you. She prepares surprises and always sticks around you.
"Look at Matsa over there with her friends!" she said. "Yeah, I know, I always wanted to be her best friend," Tay said.
by lol_trustme February 16, 2019
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A short prancing male, resembling a hybrid of a leprachaun and the hamburglar. Characterised by the inability to stand still for long periods of time and an insatiable desire to please others he perceives as "cool".
"Coming to law?"

"Oh ... It's just Matsas"

"Jace in five!"
by Knoxonian September 18, 2008
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