Another Synonym for having sex; as the poem goes:
"Add the Bed
Subtract the clothes
Divide the legs
Then Multiple"
We can apply the Phrase "Lets go do some Math Problems" when wanting to have sex with your Partner.
Guy- Babe, lets go do some math problems
Girl- Im sorry honey, im not in the mood to divide today
by The ShadowX January 15, 2011
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Unrealistic or nonsensical word or story problems, routine and nonroutine, that may or not be solvable—however, most of them serve to humorize, parodize, or satirize mathematics.
One question from “The Bigly Book of Fake Math Problems” is the following: “At a Trump rally, if 10 coronaviruses infect 10 diehard supporters in 10 minutes, how many of these foreign viruses will be needed to infect 100 supporters in 50 minutes?”
by MathPlus November 23, 2020
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Any math equation that has no obvious answer at first glance. Will usually take some looking at/time to solve.
Teacher: BILLY! What is the answer to this problem! Be careful, this ones a Sneaky Math Problem.

Billy: Uhhhh...
by The.Ron.An May 16, 2011
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