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A magical jew fairy who does some trippy shit. Likes to frequently troll. It is unknown to the world but Mateus is the biggest skux of all time.
"Oh hey Mateus, hows it going?"

"Pretty average, only scored about 300 CHICKS!...................
by aceboy27 June 12, 2011
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God's real name, or more accurately, the name of the real God. Mateus accidently created the Universe and humanity during his campaign against The Zombies. This is regarded by many as his greatest mistake. Currently resembles a cynical, annoying 16 year old in the U.S.
Mateus: "I'm sick of everyone worshiping that Jesus guy - my name's Mateus damn it. I'm bored - anyone know where I could find a good hooker?"
by Ninja13 February 22, 2008
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Mateus is a name that was originated in Portugal. Mateus is cute young boy who's adorable freckles will leave you breathless.
"Hey! Did you see Mateus Today"
by Natsu butt March 05, 2018
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A Mateus is a animal commonly found in big dumpsters with shit and expired milk in it. A Mateuses normal traits are sucking dick and fucking men in the ass. When you see a Mateus you should run away and say, “go fuck yourself,” it makes them literally fuck themselves in the ass while you escape.
O shit, that’s a big Mateus, we better run, “go fuck yourself,”.
Eww there’s a Mateus in this dumpster with shit in it.
by Jorrrrrrr June 06, 2018
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THE BEST PERSON EVER!! Amazingly talented and smart. Has amazing freckles and super HAWT
Oh wow what's his name? Oh that's Mateus, he's awesome isn't he?
by June 23, 2017
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