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Of mythical origin. The sexiest beast in the whole universe, he controls and does whatever he wishes. There is truly no stopping him when he is awake. But he lays dormant for millions of years at a time before awakening.

When he does, women fall for him like a line of dominos. He is truly the pinnacle of sexiness, power and potency!
Taco: The times of Mateen's awakening are near, brace yourselves!
by Dope Boy Banger November 14, 2014
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The most athletic types of muzzle there is our there. A genius and a pull god. The most legendary person ever.
Michael Jordan = Mateen
LeBron = Mateen
Odell = Mateen
by JoseMPerez March 29, 2017
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Mateen is a guy who is humble, caring, loving, and funny...
Gets angry very easily
Mateen is usually a fierce and passionate lover who makes love like a lion, Mateen loves his other half more than anything in this world.
Be careful because they have a heart of gold and get hurt faster than the speed of light
That guy he’s Mateen. I am so in love with him,

Get me a guy like Mateen...
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by dopebarbie404 August 01, 2018
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