A tribe of savages known to inhabit the forests of Chester county Pennsylvania. Often seen hunting the elusive Ryanocerous.
Have you ever seen a pack of wild matchus?
by Flyingwallruss September 3, 2017
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Dealer : Oi, does anybody want some matchu?
Buyer : Yeah, I’ll take some matchu, I wanna get high.
by PaterFrigidus July 10, 2018
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A type of sneeze, usually only applied to those with the name "Matt", or "Matthew" (etc.). Derrived from "Achoo".
Matt: M..ma...MA-TCHOO!
John: That's a bad sneeze you've got there
Matt: Yeah, I've got raibes. Doctors say I've only got 3 weeks to live.
John: Oh. Blame Matchu.
by iPengo August 7, 2004
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a person that is extremely sad due to failure at love
Synonyms: Sadboi, Sadboy Mathew
He tried so hard but ended up a "matchu"
matchu is a sadboi
by m ' kay February 3, 2021
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