Hebrew,Gift. As in his presence gifts the world light. He is sexy and smooth and he gets girls.
I wish that I had the confidence to be a Matan
by Okra 71 January 17, 2017
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Hebrew: Gift, someone who his existence is a gift to the world, he looks good and scores a lot of women.
by IGEN October 12, 2006
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a name for someone with a huge dick. like i mean incredible PENIS
"wow, Matan got a huge pp."
by WENDYSTAR123 July 3, 2020
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matan is a name for a guy who has a huge dick.
by WENDYSTAR123 July 3, 2020
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Guy 1 "Wow that guys so fucking hot"
Guy 2 "It's Matan"
Guy 3 " I say we all eat his booty at the same time"
by Adi Lazar January 10, 2022
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The most beautiful and romantic city in the world.
Je suis folle des crevettes de Matane!
by Eugénie et Josiane October 13, 2005
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