A horrific sex act, originating in North Korea.
Li - "What did you get up to with that girl"

Ki - "Oh, ya know. Performed the Master Yoda."
by Kiaman October 10, 2009
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He is to the ladies like the little green fella is to the force. He's like Leon Phelps of the the north coast (Nor Ore). HIs immense knowledge is unparalleled. He is a partier at heart and very rarely gets maced in the face. Also called the Crimson Surfer. He known to be a fighter with men and a lover to the ladies. dont get me wrong though, try to get attached to him and you'll learn the hard way that you really arn't that special. if into one night stands master yodas are the way to go.
There are more master yodas per capita in Seaside Oregon then anywhere else in the lower 48 states and maybe the world.
by Willy Mo Boonedog November 30, 2007
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