A simple plan with a high success rate, but you must not tell ANYONE what it is.
Thinkin' of a Master Plan, ...... what u doin today?
by mhurtado07 August 15, 2008
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Samuel's master plan to acquire Sher lyn and place her in the VIP lounge within the 4th circle of the fortress of the mind
The Master Plan is tired of waiting, and this is the time that it is put into action!!!
by aderpyllama May 9, 2021
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Becoming infinitly rich, and buying the spanish launguage and deleting it. Therefore forcing all wet-backs to speak english.
Richguy: Initiate the Master Plan

Butler: Indeed, sir.

(butler presses button)
by Bo'Lick August 11, 2009
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This refers to when Ferrari or one of their F1 drivers do something so stupid that it may a deeper meaning. It often refers to Ferrari's horrible 2020 performance in F1, when they finished sixth in the Constructers standings even though they finished second in 2019. The reason for this was primarily their car. It had a high drag chassis and a weak power unit, meaning that their car was awfully slow. In 2019 at Monza (Ferrari's Home race) Charles Leclerc won and Sebastian Vettel hit 365 km/h (227 mph), which is one of the fastest speeds ever reached in a modern F1 car. However, in 2020, they had a double DNF. The term is often used in reference to Mattia Binotto, Ferrari's Team Principal, who is often blamed for these results.
Ferrari Fan: NOOOOO!!! Ferrari P6!
F1: Teams who finish lower in the championship can now spend longer in the wind tunnel
Binotto: See, it was all part of the Ferrari Master Plan
by Sainzisunderrated June 9, 2021
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1. A mistake made by Scuderia Ferrari formula 1 team
2. A reason for a formula 1 driver (mainly ferrari's) to do some something stupid
3. confusing, not successful tactics/strategic moves of Mattia Binotto
"Vettel, S🅱️inalla"
"Why would I do that?"
"Don't worry Seb, it's all part of the Ferrari Master Plan™"

"Downgrade the car"
"But sir, that doesn't make sense"
"Don't worry, it's all part of the Ferrari Master Plan™"
by SnowChickenFlake November 17, 2020
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The plan of most Millennials to party, attend music festivals, take drugs, drink alcohol, live off of loans, hook up with multiple partners and travel the world until reaching their 30s when they will overnight settle down with a Hail Mary Husband or Wife and live a quiet life in the suburbs.
The biggest rebels against quarantine are single millennial women in their 30s. They started off staying home and baking banana bread, but after a few months they broke down because they cannot let COVID-19 stop their momentum. They spent the past decade rejecting good guys as apart of their Millennial Master Plan to party and then settle down in exactly the year 2020. They never anticipated an obstacle like this.
by Millennial X September 18, 2020
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