4 definitions by Bo'Lick

An extremely un-appitizing and repulsive word word.

Should be deleted from the english language.

Offensive to some.
Todd: I'm having curds tonight for dinner!!

Sean: We aren't friends anymore.
by Bo'Lick August 11, 2009
Becoming infinitly rich, and buying the spanish launguage and deleting it. Therefore forcing all wet-backs to speak english.
Richguy: Initiate the Master Plan

Butler: Indeed, sir.

(butler presses button)
by Bo'Lick August 11, 2009
Usually that red-haired guy, with a massive amount of pimples, who claims he has a girlfriend. and when you ask to see her, he shows you a picture of a pornstar on his phone and says, "that's her."
Fred: That guy just showed me his girlfriend. it's weird, she looks just like that girl i wacked it to last night on porn hub.

Ronald: The one with the pimples, yea he's lying. He is a total red-tooler
by Bo'Lick August 11, 2009
A Back-Handed uppercut that you would recieve from a Pimp provided you did not have his monetary funds. Administered to bitches' lower right chin as a last resort
Pimp:That ho' dint have my money again, i had to give her that pimpercut.

Pimp-in-training: i hear ya on dat one. i caught a bitch da otha' day wit dat shit.

Pimp: That's my boy.
by Bo'Lick July 29, 2009