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Massaponax High School is probably the worst school one could ever attend. The white people are petty, judgmental, stupid and shallow, and the redneck ones are pregnant by 15. The black people are ignorant and rude, and wish they were Compton, but unfortunately will never know more than the suburbs. The Hispanics don't even really know how to speak English. To be found attractive a girl either has to be a hillbilly wearing camouflage, a bitch wearing athletic wear every single day, or a be a stuck up skanky ass ho wearing a flimsy skirt up to their nipples, and you must match every other girl in your clique. If you're a guy, the only way to be attractive is to have the IQ of a rock or a grapefruit if you're frisky, and be captain of the 'screw over every girl I've ever known' team. Everyone is fake. If you tell a 'friend' you kissed a guy, you'll probably be asked within the next 2 class periods when the baby is due. The people at MHS love to smile to a person's face and talk crap behind their back the second they're out of earshot. Even the guys are two faced bitches. To be 'cool' you have to 'party'. Partying includes and is limited to 4 bowls of weed and 2 beers. The most important part of fitting into MHS: You must not have a trace of a personality. If you even have a slight sense of humor differing from for example whoever provided the alternate entry of this definition, you will be lambasted. The kids are too stupid to accept anything else.
New Student: Hi, I just moved here to Massaponax High School. Nice to meet you!

Me: I was new here once too. Run. Save yourself. It will be the death of your personality.
by Ihateeveryoneatmhs October 23, 2011
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This is the largest high school in its district. There are a wide variety of cliques ranging from your typical emo kiddie, to goth, to demi-gangster, to real gangsters. Though it is hard to find the real "gangsters" and real "goths". The school is highly obsessed in school spirit due to the very good football team. The school has somewhere between 1500 and 2000 students and desperately needs to expand its building. Though it is the largest school the overrate this incredibly to much and just need to live with it.
"I attend Massaponax High School"
by David Melone November 15, 2005
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The worst druggy high school in the county. All there is are trashy teachers and drug dealers. the lunch is shit and the bathrooms have spider webs.
by faded420 November 16, 2018
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