A small town in Northern Maine. Known for Windmills. Also known for the entire high school female population getting pregnant at the same time. "must be the water"
I'm from Mars Hill, but I hate to admit it.
by ALR! October 15, 2008
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A boring ass town in WNC that is located in the middle of no where beside another boring town..
could i get any more bored??
sure go to Mars Hill NC
by mr17.5 December 12, 2010
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a small, pass through town in Maine that has nothing but windmills and should-be condemned houses.

everyone is either a potato farmer or on drugs. particularly meth, or more recently fake heroin or dirty dope. everyone is judgmental, especially the tweakers.

everyone in everybody's business like they don't have 5+ dirty children to take care of. home to the cousin fuckers and big, beefy women that created the stereotypes of Maine.

they drive their dates to prom in a parade of giant potato farming tractors that take up both sides of the road, home to a truly rare breed 😬
"You couldn't pay me to live in Mars Hill"
by psychedelicmommy August 28, 2022
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