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shes the best girl you'll ever meet. shes loyal, caring, kind, tough, and a rocker. honestly, dont let her go. she may seem a shy goody-two-shoes, but shes a rockin, rebal with an attitude at heart. and doesnt give a flip what other people think! shes every guys dream girl. shes sexy hot, smart, great kisser, and since no one gets to really know her, shes probably single! grab a Marleigh while u still can!
Guy #1: I asked out Marleigh today and she said yeah.

Guy #2: woah! hang onto her! i heard shes a real keeper!
by ntmyrlnm January 21, 2012
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a straight A student who dresses great and dosent give a flip what other ppl think
Why is she doing that dosent that embarass her?
NO way shes a marleigh!!!!
by Becca_07 August 30, 2007
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One of best girls anyone can be friends with and an even better sister. Everyone wants to be friends with her even if she is grumpy some of the time. Rumors have been told that she has Jewish tendencies as well as possibly part of the secret robot race. Robot+Jew= Jewbot! As a Jewbot she has been seen pushing donkeys down hills.
That girl is certainly a Marleigh. We need to befriend her in case the robot uprising is soon.
by Sneakattack29 June 20, 2011
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She most likely stalks you if you are of the male gender. She will find your house number, phone number and personal information no matter what it takes. Suggestions show to stay away from her.
Marleigh is a psychopathic stalker.
by uga14 June 21, 2014
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