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When you click the "Like" button on every single thing on a person's Facebook profile page in order to give the impression to any outsiders visiting the page that you are in a close relationship with that person, and therefore have a certain degree of ownership over that person, much as a dog urinates all over a particular tree, marking it clearly with its own identity, in order to say to other dogs, "Back the fuck off, this tree is MINE."
So that no eager underclassmen would snatch his prized incoming freshman while he wasn't keeping an eye on her, insecure senior Connor quickly began marking territory all over beautiful, young Nina's Facebook profile, liking everything from statuses to profile pictures to Wall posts. When all the turned-on underclassmen went online to look her up after first seeing her at freshman orientation, they were quickly disappointed, thinking Connor might as well be her boyfriend.
by Metasystem September 15, 2011
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