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To temporarily forget that wrestling is fake because something cool happened.
I totally marked out when Hogan came back from that beat down!
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
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When you "mark out" you stand up for something or believe something completely. If you're a massive fan of a band and you refuse to let people critize them, you are marking out.

Believing something completely.

Comes from the wrestling term markwhere a smark forgets reading the spoilers, guessing the storylines and bitching about backstage and just feels the moment.
1. Dude, you always mark out for crappy emo bands.

2. Yeah, I totally marked out last night when Foley got thrown off the cage.
by BDV1 April 12, 2004
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Quietly leaving a group activity on the early side without saying goodbye. Like an Irish Exit.
Hey man, did you Mark-out on us last night? You just disappeared - did you have to run to catch your canoe or something?
by madriver November 28, 2018
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