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When someone jumps onto someone to injure them (or sometimes killing them)
The person will normally be laden on the victim with there feet, but doesn’t necessarily need to be.

To pronounce, it is simply Mario with ‘ed’ (as in jumped) at the end
“Steve jumps off the ledge and marioed the robber below.”
“He just got Marioed
by Ifrit9 April 12, 2010
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When you are smoking out of a pipe and you suck down a little burning ember. To anyone watching it looks as though you swollowed a fireball.
J -*coughing*
S - You ok man?
J - *cough * Ya man, I just got marioed, i'll be alright though.
by TwentyOneGrams August 20, 2009
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When you send someone a text or call they ignore it and never respond.
Girl, I sent him a text last night and do you know he marioed me.
by Silkygrey January 23, 2010
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As in the computer game on nintendo. The character runs over things. So if you were to jump on/over and run over something, your would be said to be mario'ing the item.
"I marioed that car" when your would run over it from front to back!
by Rob Hill November 22, 2006
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verb; beat, but not by much. one-upped. outdid. robbed.
His pocket Aces mario'ed your pocket kings.

You were mario'ed. The winning ticket number was 437 and yours was 436.

I mario'ed his arse. I took out that girl he's been talkin to.
by omkrmyhobby June 25, 2009
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