a meeting place in kuwait for bad bad kids that do bad bad things
Marina mall wla 9aye3 malll?!!1
by pepperbish February 02, 2020
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Someone who fucks, sucks off, wanks, or rides the cock of every boy she sees, their favourite meals or mac and dick cheese and chips dick cheese and gravy, they act nice to parents and teachers but are really clever prostitutes
Oh look thats a marina munchcock munching cock again
by Gary fanny March 25, 2019
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Marina and Billy are the best couple in the entire world They need to get marry immediately and have 3 kids.Their love is so powerful.
Josh:awww,marina and Billy is the best couple out here
by thebestamericanever May 24, 2020
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When an out of shape individual competes against someone who is in much better shape than them in a professional wrestling match and stiffs them very hard in the face.
That fat girl did a marina tucker kick to that really hot girl during their match.
by Mrsamsmith September 26, 2019
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Marina Victoria is a very unique person. She's funny, pretty, smart and beautiful...Marina Victoria is the coolest person you'll ever meet-consider yourself lucky if you meet her. She's kind and caring perhaps the greatest friend and best girlfriend you could ever have.

People with the name Marina Victoria are a one of a kind beauty and love the ocean, there favorite colors are typically blue or green.

If you know a Marina Victoria love her and don't ever let her go. She's forgiving but if you cross the line you'll have hell to pay. Typically she puts up with a lot of stuff and has the biggest heart.
Guy: Have you see Marina Victoria?
Guy2: yeah she's a friend of mine why?

Guy: can I have her number?
by Maybe1012 June 16, 2017
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A full marina occurs when two circumcised gentlemen place their penises side-by-side, and a third uncircumcised fellow wraps is foreskin around the heads of the other bros dicks - effectively creating a double dock.
Ron: "Hey Charlie! Do you wanna dock?"
Charlie: "Ron! Can't you see Chuck and Chester have already made it a full marina?"
by Mitchandal February 11, 2015
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On the outside, an average looking middle school set in the heart of the Marina district in San Francisco. On the inside, a place where students are faced with hatred, racism, pressure, and much more. This school sucks. I can't even put into words how much I hate MMS. I thank God everyday that I'm graduating this year. C|O 2OO8!
Damn, I hate Marina Middle School.
by ahdlalgh April 16, 2008
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