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the day that Directioners will remember forever, whether they want to or not, and every Directioner understands why. :'(
I remember exactly where I was standing on March 25.
by olliem October 26, 2015
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Commonly recognized as the day All Evil was Formed and sent shooting into the universe in its own calculated and cruel big bang. Positively the worst day in all of history. Any and All born this day are known to have a unfathomable amount of evil and cruelty. Males are neither hideous nor beautiful, but a awkward in between to to confuse anyone or thing they may attach themselves to. Females often stunningly beautiful. Cunning and arrogant are two words that may describe March 25 born creatures. If you bear a child this day you may consider therapy from a early start for yourself, as you may feel the child is deliberately trying to aggravate, and critique you from birth (which it is) to help you cope.
Day of Death, Pain and Suffering.
Doctor : I'm so sorry, your baby is Due March 25 th.
Mother: ( tears roll down face and whimpers) "why?, why....?"
Father: (drops down in knees and wails loudly) "KHAAAAN!!!!"
by air_22 March 25, 2014
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