Anyone born March 29th is that bitch who everyone needs in their life, they always have your back and they always stay loyal to their main bitches, They can have sass and be rude but only if their hurting inside. The Bitches born 29th March are the bitches u want to be close with.
Kate: She's So Loyal To Her Friends
Anna: Must Be Born On March 29th
by UnknownTing October 27, 2019
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You:hey it march 29
Me:oh it is I’ll give you a bag of chips
by Stann.szaa March 14, 2022
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this is the birthday of that bitch you call you best friend who pulls out her phone to show you the uno reverse card when you call her a bitch; also one of those bitches who makes you laugh all the time doesn't give a fuck and bullies you from time to time. You can always depend on her replying fast and always wanting to play 8ball on iMessages game bc she will "beat" you in that game. This bitch is one of those bitches you are lucky to have jn your life ;)
Nichole is that bitch who was born on March 29
by dumb hoe :) October 14, 2019
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the literal most dumb intelligent person ever. like math smart but not life smart. anyone born on this day is like guaranteed lazy - the type of person to just not show up to work for no reason.
nah she’s born March 29 she ain’t showing up
by sassy snake October 28, 2019
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National shit day. take the day off school and just shit the whole day. tell ur homies. y’all can shit together😏😏
Hey, it’s March 29, we can shit together today.
by LondSchlong69 October 15, 2019
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only the thickest and most finest girls are born on march 29.
“dang did you see that girl that walked by? she thick and fine.”

well yeah dude, she’s born in march 29.”
by ur hot dad January 6, 2022
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March 29th is National Be-A-Hoe Day! Feel free to let your inner hoe out on this day and suck some dick and fuck some dudes!
Girl 1: Hey, you know what today is, right?
Girl 2: How could I forget? It’s March 29!
Boys: *😳* ; *😏*
by Poop-Sock October 22, 2019
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