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Mappin stands for missing another person. It is when you’re missing a certain someone, so you listen to depressing music. Similar to simpin.
Dang man I’m listening to some sad music right now thinking about Daya
Oh shoot you mappin right now
by ohboipinoy June 12, 2019
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A name that carries weight in heigher society. Originally working for queen Mary of Scott’s as backers. Fled to England, not long after Queen Mary was taken hostage, to Sheffield England. Became silversmiths and founded Mappin & Webb, a famous jewellery retailer. Also related to Sir Frédéric Mappin, who built Sheffield university. Many things have been since then named after the Mappin family in Sheffield England.
The Mappin family.
by Ann675 September 05, 2018
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A very classy prostitute who quite simply hangs out in the best place that a lady of the night can.
(while wlking down mappin street, sheffield)'theres a nice mappin who knows how to do it'
by allybongo December 08, 2008
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A clinically obese individual whom does blow jobs for rice crispys. It is firmly believed that the Mappin lives under a bridge close infant schools where he claims his prey especially in the dark winter months. Known for its love of anal penetration the Mappin is a carrier of the HIV virus and is currently banned in 47 countries.
by Mr_Slippy*fist January 10, 2012
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