Book of manz💤 Vol 2: Consequences

Consequence 1 Get socked out
Consequence 2 you turn into the wind
Consequence 3 get kicked from manz group
Book of manz💤 Consequences :When a manz breaks a rule from the book of manz they get a consequence
by Oscar.uchiha April 10, 2018
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NYC slang made /popuralized by Youtuber /streamer Kai cenat/….. it means someone that your close to has done something he shouldn’t
Malik: what’s your snap Mariah

Winston (bf) : L manz fr
by Unspoken Rizz September 28, 2021
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a person who does wrong by his friend or homie
you a L manz for that lowkey
by yourrvalentine September 22, 2021
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when you want to say no but no is to boring
guy 1; want to get a soda
guy 2; naz manz
by whoman11 August 04, 2018
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U never will have one urban reader :) just telling your future to you.
by Wavee50 a March 11, 2021
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