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a. To be cockblocked by the person's boy/girlfriend.

b. A man that wears a lot of jewelery/flashing ornamints to attract someone/attention.

1. "Damn, I'd be all over that cutie if her boyfriend didn't have his manyard on display."

2. "Tommy tried to dance with that girl, but his girlfriend grabbed him by the manyard."


1. "Bill has a buttload of manyards on tonight, he must be desperate tonight!"

2. "LOL, look at 50 Cent with all them manyards on in this video..."
by ultrahova September 21, 2008
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A manyard is the place between ur underwear and ur trousers or shorts
why's ur hand down ur boxers
there not there in my manyard
by Liam Hughes October 10, 2007
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The preposterous shoe-string worn around a man's neck which dangles the ID cards of middle-aged professionals who gave up on upward mobility years ago.
Your manyard really compliments your short sleeve dress shirt and pocket protector.
by Tiecoon October 28, 2010
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A word used to define a man/woman, who likes more than one person at a time/dating more than one person at a time.

plural - menyards
"That manyard is ditching me for one of those guys she likes again."

"stupid menyards."
by loveya October 19, 2006
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