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This happens when a guy complains like a woman when she's having her period.
Grow some balls, clean the sand out of your vagina and don't manstruate in my house 'cause "Sewing with Nancy" was cancelled.
by Riemer August 04, 2006
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When a guy starts acting really crabby, and complaining much like a woman on her period.
Eric: "I am sick and tired of cleaning up your crap, Paul. Keep it on your side of the room!"
Paul: "Woah, sorry dude. No need to manstruate at me- I'll clean it up!"

James: "Dude, what's up with Jeff? He's been really crabby lately."
Harry: "Yea, I know. He's probably manstruating."
by this_is_my_pseudonym October 24, 2010
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To be a weepy, cranky, mopey little bitch of a man just like your ex girlfriend acted once a month. Before she left you. For your Dad.
You are crying so much, is it your time of month to manstruate?
by Uri Bent My Cock. January 31, 2015
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verb: a. when a guy bleeds from his ass every time he takes a poo due to one or more anal fissures

b. to be in a bad mood all day from the pain of ripping your anal fissure again and bleeding like a girl simply because you have to do your business

a. I really need to see about this. When I manstruate twice a day the pain is almost unbearable, and now I think I'm going anemic.

b. Sorry, I didn't mean to bite your head off like that. I manstruate daily now, and it's starting to work on my self-esteem.
by sisyphusticated August 10, 2007
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