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When a man bitches and moans in a truly over-dramatic fashion, similar to the effects PMS has on a woman's mood. Can be used as a noun, verb or adjective (manstruate, manstruator, manstruating, etc.) Could also mean for a man to be "stroking his ego" through anger, similar to masturbation or angry sex but without the dick involved.
"Edward is throwing a tantrum at Betty for overcooking his steak. Edward has been caught in the act of manstruation."

"You're one hell of a manstruator when you haven't had your beer"

"Better be careful! If my father catches us in the act of sexual intercourse, he'll manstruate at you for sure!"
by Chekken February 07, 2010
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n. To become moody, bloated, and generally vaginal. only applicable to males.

v: -ing -ate -ated
archaic: manstrizzling
You can tell by his pissy attitude and bloody underwear that he's going through manstruation.

She went out with his best friend, so he's all manstruating and shit.
by Hanibal Sonderegger March 16, 2004
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The days when your man friend/spouse/partner/coworker etc. acts like a total intolerable douchebag when he is otherwise decent.
'Manstruation is wreaking havoc on Bob. He just told me to f*ck myself after I asked him to wipe large chunks of Pop Tart off of his expense report.'
by Fishballs December 02, 2008
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1. Term given for a phantom menstruation derived from the male gender in support of female menstruation, considered as a leap forward in gender parity in the workplace
1. Example: There is to be statutory DNA testing in the office due to traces of menstruation in the ladies lavatories. To conform with new workplace regulations men will also be required to provide their own "manstruation" samples
by wilbur smith February 14, 2013
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This would be the male version of menstruation. This word can be used when a man is acting like a vagina, or a d-bag.
Keith was mad at Rick for saying something rude. To everyone else Ricks comment was not rude, but true. Keith, acting like a women over something stupid, is said to be manstruating. This happens often. Manstruation is for lamers.
by cRoush May 09, 2008
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A homosexual man who bleeds from the rectum once a month; generally believed to be a psychosomatic effect on only the gayest of the gays.
Yo bitch, is it that time of the month? F-cking manstruation again. I don't mind poop dick, but the bloody poop is such a clash of colors.
by pornhorn55 January 09, 2010
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(noun) man-stroo-ay-shun A period of time when a male bleeds from his anus due to excessive wiping. Due to the continuous need to wipe and resulting inability of the anus to heal, the bleeding usually persists for about a week. After a month or so, the male will forget the effects of over-wiping and assault his anus again to ensure cleanliness after a particularly wicked bowel movement which will initiate Manstruation again.

Due to the similar lengths of time/occurrence between this process and female menstruation, as well as the resultant mood swings and general "bitchiness" males display when bleeding from their ass that also accompany females bleeding from their vaginas, this is known as "Manstruation".

(verb) Manstruate
(continuous) Manstruating
"The running back's manstruation was affecting the effectiveness of his play because he was running like he just rode a horse for ten days straight, and felt like it too."
by The Wise Savage June 25, 2015
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