A delightful mixture of privilege and ignorance that leads to condescending, inaccurate assertions of sexism, delivered with the rock-solid conviction of rightness and that slimy certainty that of course "he must be sexist, because he is the man in this conversation".
Man- "I just think that insults designed to undermine and ridicule one particular group of people based on their sex are are inherently unjustifiable and..."
Karen Healy- "don't mansplain "mansplaining" to me you sexist bastard!"
by insertwittyscreenname May 18, 2017
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When a man explains a concept a woman explained to him and/or is proficient in a condescending manner back to her as if she did not actually grasp the concept. Bonus points if he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Misused by idiot " feminists " when they're losing a conversation and then misused by idiot people who pretend that this isn't something that happens and is ONLY a " feminazi " tactic to be sexist against men.

Then potentially whiplashing to try to make women shut up.
Woman: So roses have thorns on the stem which you should remove unless you want the person you're giving the flower to get hurt.
Man: So I know you're new to this but roses have poky poky bits on the long long part that make an ouchy ouchy unless you take them off with a sharpy sharpy.
Woman: I'm a florist you don't need to mansplain.
Man: feminazi

Woman: So ya the collision of two black holes from a few years ago gave us data that proves Einstein's theory of relativity.
Man: Ya e=mc is such an important formula
Woman: ...what?
Man: I get that you don't understand the science, it's too complicated for you to understand.
Woman: I just explained it to you and it's e=mc^2
Man: OoOoH Am I mAnsPlaiNing yOu? Are you feelings hurt? F***ing feminazis don't know how to respond to facts.
by feastor October 16, 2017
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Mansplain = man + explain. When a male explains something to a female under the false pretence that he knows and understands the topic better (i.e. because he is a male). This is often done in a condescending manner that disregards her intelligence.
e.g a dude explaining to a woman how numbers work AFTER she says she tells him she's an engineer. Yes thank you for mansplaining my f-ing degree/career to me.
by telitlikeisit April 19, 2018
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"a man explaining (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing."

"Solnit told an anecdote about a man at a party who said he had heard she had written some books. She began to talk about her most recent, on Eadweard Muybridge, whereupon the man cut her off and asked if she had "heard about the very important Muybridge book that came out this year"—not considering that it might be (as, in fact, it was) Solnit's book. Solnit did not use the word mansplaining in the essay, but she described the phenomenon as "something every woman knows".

"A month later the word appeared in a comment on the social network LiveJournal. The word was included in 2010 by the New York Times as one of its words of the year, nominated in 2012 for the American Dialect Society's "most creative word of the year" honor, and added in 2014 to the online Oxford Dictionaries."
Ignoring she had a PhD in the subject discussed, the undergrad decided to mansplain the basics to her.

He didn't think of himself as a patronizing know-it-all, but he frequently interrupted his friends to mansplain.
by rabblerabblebarbar October 18, 2018
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