When a man explains a concept a woman explained to him and/or is proficient in a condescending manner back to her as if she did not actually grasp the concept. Bonus points if he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Misused by idiot " feminists " when they're losing a conversation and then misused by idiot people who pretend that this isn't something that happens and is ONLY a " feminazi " tactic to be sexist against men.

Then potentially whiplashing to try to make women shut up.
Woman: So roses have thorns on the stem which you should remove unless you want the person you're giving the flower to get hurt.
Man: So I know you're new to this but roses have poky poky bits on the long long part that make an ouchy ouchy unless you take them off with a sharpy sharpy.
Woman: I'm a florist you don't need to mansplain.
Man: feminazi

Woman: So ya the collision of two black holes from a few years ago gave us data that proves Einstein's theory of relativity.
Man: Ya e=mc is such an important formula
Woman: ...what?
Man: I get that you don't understand the science, it's too complicated for you to understand.
Woman: I just explained it to you and it's e=mc^2
Man: OoOoH Am I mAnsPlaiNing yOu? Are you feelings hurt? F***ing feminazis don't know how to respond to facts.
by feastor October 16, 2017
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When a man explains a basic concept to a woman in order to appear more intelligent. Mansplaining is most often used when the woman in question fully understands what is being explained to her and the man often knows as much or less about what is being discussed than the woman. Likewise, the man could make a sweeping generalization that disregards nuances that may include the woman in question. This is most often in a casual conversation but could take place in a mass harrassment campaign.

Any other circumstance would be considered “explanation” or, if a group of women is present, a “lecture.”
“I appreciate male feminists, but this dude tried to mansplain how I get paid less than men, but I’m the highest paid data analyst at my company.”
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by Tulsi2020 February 20, 2019
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Mansplain = man + explain. When a male explains something to a female under the false pretence that he knows and understands the topic better (i.e. because he is a male). This is often done in a condescending manner that disregards her intelligence.
e.g a dude explaining to a woman how numbers work AFTER she says she tells him she's an engineer. Yes thank you for mansplaining my f-ing degree/career to me.
by telitlikeisit April 19, 2018
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A term used to describe what is considered a male behavioural tendency when talking to females to overexplain, to talk down to or in a condescending manner, often with the assumption that the female interlocutor lacks knowledge or is unable to understand or comprehend complex subjects or logical thinking.

Sometimes also associated with prideful male pontification and a desire to appear knowledgable, and often linked to a tendency to ignore the central or most important issue(s) at hand and focus on or divert the conversation to easy to quantify but non crucial elements.

The term is also noted for the strong reaction it often engenders.
1. Darling, you’re mansplaining. I have a degree in electrical engineering and I know how a toaster works. But, if you thinks it’s fine, we can buy it.

2. He was so busy mansplaining how important the side mirrors are, he backed into the neighbour’s car.

3. I don’t care how the gun works, just stop mansplaining it and let me watch the movie.
by Auctor February 11, 2019
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