Anything with a penis that goes to panorama ridge and has a goatee.
Aliya Dhaliwal: Ishan Jagpaul cheated on me again!
Deep Sangha: Its ok what do you expect of him he’s from PR obviously he’s gonna cheat because he’s a man slut
by Lolhoesmad March 02, 2020
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1. A sexually promiscuous man or boy
2. A male prostitute, a gigolo
You could hire a manslut for a few hours if you are that desperate.

He is a manslut but I love him.
by visitor May 01, 2018
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A man who only wants another man and seeks many men, just like a true slut .......... A MAN SLUT!
A man slut sucks many cocks and fucks many arses and gets fucked many times by another man.
A man slut swallows as much cum as possible, he is a true slut and licks his lips afterwards begging for more cum!
This man slut is fully of cum and likes to squirt and drbble his collected cum from his arse and mouth and show just how much cum he has accumulated, a right male slut and manslut for sure!
by gaz999 September 25, 2016
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i hate it when people call guys man sluts they simply just pull. just because he thought you were not hot does not mean u should call him a man slut Julia. you Bitch!
by julia_perry December 11, 2015
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Aaron: "Look at how many girls are all over Ben right now!"

Ryan: "They're all easy. Ben is a manslut."
by Niggie Mandaj April 22, 2018
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