A man of whom has an infinite number of female lovers!...FEMALE!
"Damn look at Tal and all his female lovers, I wish I was like Tal."
by Tal February 20, 2005
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A adult man who will fornicate with any female between the ages of 18 - 38.
My friend is such a manslut.
by fusspot702 November 21, 2010
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Kinda like a pimp, except different. When a man sleeps with different women every night and/or is a male prostitute.
Gee wiz daddy, look at that man-slut over there, he gets all the fine ladies!
by jr0d June 14, 2004
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Joshi Hilton a.k.a Jelly man. Just check out the last name...need we say anymore???
Jelly man is often found at bus stops looking like a sexy beast with his shirt unbuttoned and his pants very low.
He has been known to cause riots amoungst girls, usually about who wants to shag him first.
Dude, just check out the last name...Hilton... He may not be related to Paris, but makes a decent sex tape none the less.
by sal April 20, 2005
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Someone that tries to hook up with younger chicks even though he has no chance because they all hate him. He will go to the extreame and try to get the girls drunk even though they're 13 or 14 years old.
Jake: I'm gonna go get all the eighth graders drunk. Then I'm gonna fuck them.
Burt: Shut up! Fuckin' man slut.
by Meg Cy November 25, 2005
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A man who acts like he is in a relationship with a woman by doing things for her, buying her gifts and spending time with her even though there is no sexual activity and the woman has no interest in taking the relationship any further. Typically, he puts in more time and effort than he really can afford.

This is like the opposite to a traditonal slut who is a woman that will give away sex without any type of a relationship.
What's the go with Gerry and Sarah? Are they together?

No. He just hangs off her and does whatever she wants. He is basically her manslut. I've seen him do the same thing with other women. He just doesn't realise that some women will be a bitch, and use him.

Poor guy, someone needs to help him out. He needs to be a bit more of a stud.
by CJSt January 02, 2011
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