A man who finds a girl who is attracted to him, then proceeds to "love" her for a long amount of time, then brakes up with her to find out he never loved her and just wanted a girlfriend for say.
He is such a man slut. He dated me for four months and then broke up with me, telling me he never loved or cared about me in the first place.
by starburst601 September 04, 2017
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A man who sleeps with a lot of people. Like slut but for men.
Damn...that Calvone is such a manslut. He slept with Madi, Elsie, Amir, and Joe Bob...and eight more in one night! And I hear he does that every night! With twelve different people!
by Gymnasticsxox December 08, 2018
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A man slut is a guy who goes to nightclubs almost everyday of the week wheather that be gay or straight clubs for ONE thing only. SEX

He will feel up almost any person that passes him by because he is in so desperate need for sex.

Worse than a man whore. Doesnt get paid for having sex

A man who will have sex with another man or woman just for fun. But doesnt care abut that persons feelings.

Usually a player and a cheater.

Will chat up almost anyone from young teens to old people

They usually like ANY kind of girl or guy

A man slut can be straight, bi, or gay

Put it this way a man slut can be almost any guy out there!
omg i had sex with craig last night and it was the best sex i ever had! omg LIKE i dont even know the guy ha! we both agreed it was only for one thing though which is soooo KOOL!.

Damien is such a man slut i walked in on him fucking this randum girl at my houseparty in my mothers bedroom last night. Doesnt he already have a girlfriend?
by bob4711 November 03, 2009
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A guy that bangs a lot of girls. Usually ginger, usually called Harry
Wow that army kid is such a Manslut
by Manslutt September 25, 2017
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daniel, also known as man bun, and he attends RHHS
person 1: look at that guy over there, he flirts with everyone!

person 2: oh yeah, he's a man slut! must be a daniel
by hello sir how are you today?? February 17, 2017
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a fuckin guy that cheats on women has different women all the time babay
that guy is such a man slut he has women every nite.
u man slut who do u think u are! back off Ken!
by mars October 15, 2003
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Gregory "Buddy" Howell, he's the perfect example of a Man Slut. He's basically the creator of the word, every time you see him BOOM new hoe! LMAO
Girl 2: THE Man slut?
by NAtaliii November 04, 2011
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