Josh: "So what are you up to this weekend?"

Ben: "ehh...ill probably hang with some old friends and maybe have a manover."
by Egrunty3 January 27, 2009
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A group of males having a "sleepover", as girls commonly would.
"Where's John?"
"He's at Mike's house having a manover with the rest of the guys."
by Michele B. January 23, 2008
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When men innovate to bring the pleasures of being a man to everyday tasks that are otherwise boring.
Manovation: Jack Daniels BBQ scented soap, the beerfridge next to the crapper...
by h4b4n3r0 June 14, 2013
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a manover is a sleepover involving only men (and in some cases boys) in which only videogames are played late at night, if not all night; can be similar to an all-nighter.
John: hey man, you going to Bill's manover?
Joe: yeah man, im going to own you guys all night at Halo!
by Blaketpt22 October 14, 2007
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A gathering of two or more males resulting in staying the night at one's house.
The Brotherhood United hosted a manover at member Alex's house.
by brotherhoodunited September 18, 2009
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v. When fucking a girl, hopefully, doggie style kick out their arms and make her fall on her face. Her face will noe become a vacuum.
Bill: Hey man your girlfriend's face was pretty burned up
George: (grins)
by schultz January 30, 2004
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Man to man sleepover. Completely straight. Guys sleeping over at each others' house.
Dude 1: hey yo wanna come have a manover tonight?
Dude 2: yahhhhh mann.
by loserrrrrrrrrr23432423 September 15, 2010
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