Pronounced like "lingerie" except with the first syllable replaced by "man": Men's colorful bicycling wear i.e. the lycra-clad, sponsor-adorned, AMATEUR bicyclists that look like they've spent a lot of time prissying themselves up in front of the mirror to look good for their "straight" bicycling partners (more like bi-partners). Typically goes with an obnoxious riding style like hogging the road in a little pack (fudge anyone?) when they could use the damn bike-lane less than 10 feet away AND be safer while they're doing it.
"Hey, look at that clown! He's hogging the road, riding in the WRONG gear, while trying to look cool, but he still looks like he just took his bike out of the closet because he's prancing it up in the mangerie his bi-partner bought him for his birthday!"

"That's right dude; doesn't he know there's a bike lane 3 feet away? The reason he can't ride faster is because he's afraid to sweat in his pretty mangerie!"
by Grandmaster Phaart January 12, 2012
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The surgery, often minor, that a man performs on himself in order to avoid a hospital visit, and the fees that accompany a hospital visit. May include a wife or girlfriend standing by with peroxide, a bottle of rum, various painkillers or illicit substances, dirty surgical instruments, super glue (in lieu of stitches), or any combination of those. A man has successfully performed mangery on himself when he has gone one week without getting a major infection.
-Man i fell off my bike last week!
-Dude, you OK??
-Yeah, i had some gravel in my hand, but it was nothin' a little mangery couldn't handle
-Was the mangery successful?
-Yup, no infection yet.
by Roadrash February 28, 2011
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His suit lay crumpled on the chair, his shoes had been kicked off, and he stood before her, magnificent yet faintly ridiculous in his mangerie.
by wossy March 30, 2009
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The male counterpart of lingerie, any article of men's underwear or loungewear which is somehow fancier or deliberately sexier than strictly necessary for basic, utilitarian undergarments.
I was surprised by just how much the ladies seem to love my mangerie, like that sheer-pouched thong, this silk robe, and especially my French-back yoke-front drawers, which are the only skivvies I've ever had literally ripped from my body by an exceedingly aroused woman -- which in retrospect was well worth the $25 it cost me to replace them!
by Monseignore Laszlo September 4, 2006
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