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Mandorr: A lovable, tactful (>_>) creature, the Mandorr has a penchant for military dictatorship and high-style. This specie of Paddyius-Germanicus has honed an unusual mating dance over several millennia - adopting a chic pout whilst shuddering like a Pneumatic Drill operator with Parkinson’s. Think of standing on a washing machine in heels, holding an invisible tray of crystal, and you're halfway there.

An intensely passionate mammal, the Mandorr will - if forced into contact with a human - lull the victim into a false sense of euphoria, provide a great many laughs, and generally act as a breath of fresh air from the muggy tedium of it's environment; before unleashing an almighty high kick and punch combo to stun its prey and taking it back to its nest to mate. Profusely. Like a rabbit. Kinda. (That’s Jeni’s story anyway…)

Those who are fortunate enough to experience a Mandorr in the wild will understand that little - aside from perhaps an adult Natzor or Donaldson - leaves oneself feeling quite so confused, bedazzled, and above all merry as a day or two with that dahrlin’.

Just, please God; don’t get the Mandor started on Prom/Exams/That sexy beast Cal. You’ll regret it.

Oh yeah, and you’re kinda poor. In the nicest possible way though of course… :-P

I spent WAY too long writing that…
"Ello dahrlin'!"

Erm... something else. IT'S 1AM WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT FROM ME!? *explodes*
by Cal, Jeni and Adam <3 March 31, 2004
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first of all sexy cal..... HA!! sure.... MANDOR i love u babz ur da bomb and i love ur wee vodka iru bru glass in ur hand doin the hand dance u do !!!
KISSES xxxxx
by woo April 01, 2004
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