An overly exuberant kick in the air that sometimes involves a hop up, and other times is done from a stationary position. The context is either a high kick out of joy/celebration/approval, or a high kick to show someone that you "mean business", that the situation is faccado, and/or they'd "better watch out." More popular in the Southern U.S., and especially popularized by women from the South who move to the frigid north and want to show their skills.
Verb: I'm going to high kick you, you a**hole!
Verb: That girl just high-kicked it all the way out of the bar.
Verb: Drinking whiskey makes me better at high kickin'.

Adjective: That jambalaya is high kickin'

Noun: That woman is queen of the high kick. It's her thing.
by frontporcher August 11, 2010