White suburbia. Home of soccer moms, cheer camp, LSU man caves, deisel truck driving dads, Louis Vuitton handbags and everyone owns a boat and a luxury car. Not the place for nightlife unless you have a DD. Cops stake out the bars and hide in the bushes. Mandyland. Northshore snobs.
Where do you live? In Mandeville. Oh, you are a Northshore snob!
by Rere March 4, 2015
A city north of New Orleans. Home of Fontainebleau High and Mandeville High. Also a boring place to be.
Blake: "What are you doing tonight?"
Jesse: "I think Im going to the lake front in Mandeville"
Blanke: "Mannn, thats some lame"
by coco_fosho November 19, 2008
Blake: You wanna go party in Mandeville.
Willis: Where?
Blake: ....................let's just go to New Orleans.
by NEWorleans July 22, 2011
Home of the most beautiful sunsets, basic culture, and nothing to do. A place full of rich suburban families and couples. A “no crime” city, even though we all know that’s not true. Golfing, shopping, country clubs, and private schools are not lacking. Anyone who doesn’t live in a gated neighborhood and wants to do something can go to the rundown bowling alley or spend $$ on an escape room. Sunset point and the lakefront is a special place in everyone’s hearts. Overall has its pros & cons
Hannah: What’s Mandeville like?

Blake: Rich, preppy, and mostly snobby
by lolllllzzzster September 9, 2022
A Mandeville is someone of French, Jamaican, or English descent, and has a big family tree.
Oh your a Mandeville?
by Bahaha13 August 3, 2020
A place full of extremely neo-conservative, rich, white people.
"You honestly think there's going to be one voter for Barack Obama in Mandeville?"
by R-NASTY October 5, 2008
a place full of heavy metal loving person(s) who suffer(s) from downs syndrome
like in fucking mandeville
by Jesus Jones August 3, 2003