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Lame ass town North of Covington. Full of rednecks and wanna be gangstas. Nothing but trailer parks and farms.
Randy: "Ay man"
John: "Howdy"
Randy: "Whatchu doin tonight?"
John: "I aint know yet. Goin cow tippin in Folsom prolly"
by coco_fosho November 19, 2008
Small town, North of Mandeville and East of Covington. Its pretty bad ass. Alot of partys , drug dealers and bong fests.
Alex: "Mannn! Im so drunk from that party in Abita!!"
Charles: "Damn, me too! What park of Abita Springs?"
Alex: "Down the street from the turn around!"
by coco_fosho November 20, 2008
A city north of New Orleans. Home of Fontainebleau High and Mandeville High. Also a boring place to be.
Blake: "What are you doing tonight?"
Jesse: "I think Im going to the lake front in Mandeville"
Blanke: "Mannn, thats some lame"
by coco_fosho November 19, 2008
The largest high school in the state of Louisiana. With 2,234 students for the 08-09 school year. Students come from Mandeville, Covington, Abita, and Lacombe. The mascot is a bulldog. This school is badass.
fontainebleau's vollyball team and soccer team owns mhs, chs and ssa all the time. our football team used to own everyone in st tammany, until Farve left ):
by coco_fosho November 20, 2008