The Mandem is a group of Logangstas who are looking to cheff up some blud who is bare annoying
Some guy known as EL Charlie"Oh shit that's the mandem going to cheff up this roadman who's being bare annoying"
by Logangsta69 February 26, 2021
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A group of drillas, who you are extremely tight with.

Often used by roadmen and chavs.
Example could be..

Person a "look my big man ting, its our mandem!"

Person b "oh yeah! That's Dench, but yo person c is such a waste man!"

Person a "for real! Can't stand the kretin."
by BigManTingRoadman101 March 31, 2021
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Ay, where's the mandem at?
by ChooUrban May 31, 2019
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Mans of a turf or area who rep it and are willing to defend it.
by John Hanesberg March 1, 2003
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A Gang Reppin' a certain district such as Tha Plume!
Who may also be intimadating in public areas, such as roads, Fields, Cinimas, Balti, Prom Etc...
"Mandem Roll out MDA's Commin'"
by Dan C (M) February 28, 2008
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A large serious bicycle rider that is comparable in weight to that of a two person tandem.
"That rider I was following was a total mandem. Crushing it on the flats but dropped as soon as the road when up."
by HeadCheese October 11, 2013
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A word meaning friends/crew usually used by roadmen
ay yo me and the mandem on our way
by Urdadlesbein October 10, 2018
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